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January 12, 2008

January 2008!

I am back to report that I truly enjoyed the 2007 holiday season with no worries about my weight and for the second time in recent hisory of not making a resolution to lose weight, exercise more or anything relating to deprivation living. The control I have gained has in fact freed me to enjoy life a little more rather than pursuing another fad diet.

Did we inbibe over the holidays? Yes! Did we eat a little more and enjoy a few special dishes? Of course. Did I worry that I would pay in January? No. Why? Because I was adjusting my meals and snacks around the festive occassions to keep a balance in my overall caloric consumption. While I was tracking calories relatively intuitively I did track weight daily through the six week period to make sure things stayed within reasonable tolerances.

I now find myself a happier person in January. Raher than berating myself for the extra poundage accummulated and seeking the latest and greatest fad diet I am enjoying being fleet of foot on the tennis court and able to continue to live and eat normally. No deprivation January for me!

In retrospect I am glad that I was able to find a way to control this aspect of my life. It has opened other doors for me and given me the expectation of a rich and vigorous life when those around me are slowing down. I may not have extended my life much but I have certainly improved the quality of much of my remaining time!

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