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April 12, 2006

Experience with the Zone Diet

A Little More History - The Zone Diet

The next phase of my campaign to regain control of my weight was with Dr. Sears’ Zone diet. The Zone diet stresses portion size, balanced with good carbs (veggies and fruit), fat and protein. It is definitely healthier than the low-carb craze. Fruit was suddenly welcomed back. The basics of the Zone diet focused on plate make-up. You “measured” the quantity and balance of your meals by filling one-third of your plate with a serving of lean protein (he suggests it be no bigger than the size and thickness of your palm) then fill the other two-thirds with favorable carbohydrates, such as fruits and vegetables and add a little "good" fat, such as nuts, olive oil, or avocado. Certain cheeses are permitted as snacks or meal compliments.

On the Zone Diet plan you are encouraged to eat three meals a day, plus two snacks.

For six months I was weighing portions and adjusting ratios and snacking on cheese. On the road it was just too difficult to maintain the portioning. And, like it or not, I think the cheese got to me.

The net result of the six month stint was the loss of one pound and a growing frustration at working so hard and seeing no results. The problem likely was the number of meals eaten away from home. Statistically, Americans now eat 47% of their meals away from home. I certainly fit into that profile with my heavy travel schedule or the need to dine out for business. Add to that times my wife and I went out to dinner or ate out for convenience and we certainly were close to the 47% statistic.

Dr. Sears’ Zone diet was a good start but not the ultimate solution for me. That came next!

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