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September 27, 2009

Another Year

I cannot believe it has been a year since my last post. Actually it has been a little over eleven months. The key to an effective weight loss plan is that it actually help to achieve one's desired weight then maintain it long term with minimum sacrifice.

Calorie restriction has been the answer for me. My current weight is exactly the weight I targeted initially and has been stable for a long time. 41 months to be precise. I have been known to enjoy a little bread and butter with dinner, a plate of pasta now and then, even some pizza or a dishof ice cream. Occassionally; not regularly.

I have learned to mentally calculate the caloric values of a multitude of foods and portions making staying within my daily allocation of calories relatively easy. So easy in fact that I hardly realize I am doing it. It has become a healthy habit.

I also have learned the value of regular exercise and the simple rewards it reaps. Exercising makes you feel better, keeps you limber and healthy, and allows you to add a few extra calories, the pizza or ice cream, when you want (again, occassionally!).

So I have effectively adopted a balance of regular exercise and calorie containment to stave off the propensity of adding weight as one ages (I am approaching 65).

Having tried many other fad diets over the past 4 decades I have concluded the reality is that our bodies are like an engine. We provide fuel in the form of food and beverage. Depending on the fuel (quality and quantity), our bodies convert to needed energy or convert it to fat and store it until we may need it. Our bodies are programmed preserve excess fuel for when we need it as food is a rare commodity not always readily available.

If we convert too much fuel to fat we gain weight. Simple concept. Eat what you need; not to excess.

So a balance is required. Finding that balance is the secret to weight control through calorie restriction and exercise.

For me it was the answer. It may be for some of you as well.

Good luck!

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