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April 4, 2006

A Little History - Atkins Diet and Somersizing

After many years of making promises to myself and New Year's resolutions to lose "ten pounds or so", I finally made a concerted decision to actually do it. No more kidding around. There were a number of us who felt that we could handle the Atkins Diet and still enjoy life, ie. eating large! The collective aspiration to do this gave us each peer group support, albeit informal. That was early in 2004.

Low-carb, high protien, lots of cheese and bacon. This seemed to be doable, almost easy. And it seemed to work. Over a period of 6 months I did manage to shed about 15 pounds. From 190 to 175. Then things slowed down. But it had taken the first 15 pounds off.

For the next six months maintenance at 175 was not too hard but I was at an impass as far as continuing to lose weight. And I found that I was hungry for large, heavy meals. My bad habits of eating large had not changed much and restaurants were catering to me with extra large cuts of prime rib and bodacious 20 ounce steaks.

Slight slips (pasta, spuds or an extra martini or two) resulted in upswings in weight that were hard to shed again. I had to go back to Phase I, and Phase I is certainly an aggressively restrictive diet. It is hard to maintain while traveling and entertaining.

During this period I toyed briefly with Somersizing. It seemed to be the same low-carb approach with a little more sanity, not much. She suggested good portions of high-fat foods such as butter, cheese, and sour cream, all in moderation. The bad foods include white flour products, bananas, olives, nuts, all sugars, alcohol, caffeine, avocados, and more. And she stressed moderation. But the no alcohol ban was too much of a lifestyle change. Moderation is OK, not abstinence.

Neither diet was helping get below the 175 mark and both intuitively were not great long term diets. So I sought a more sane approach in my quest to get down to 165 pounds. Results with the Zone Diet will be my next post. But progress was made. A little more than a pound a month had been shed. I just needed a better widget!

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