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April 3, 2006

A Healthy Eating Plan for Weight Loss

I am a man approaching the Golden Years with an aspiration to stay active and healthy. I am a "Boomer" if you will.

Weight has been a problem since early youth. While never "out of control", I was always a little overweight growing up. In the Army with the required fitness training, I dropped to a trim 155 pounds on my 5'10" frame and felt 100%.

Then life began as an adult which included steady wonderful meals compliments of my wife, limited exercise, and lots of entertaining. Over a period of 35 years I ballooned from 155 pounds to 190 in spite of periodic diets, tennis, and repeated resolves to lose 10 pounds.

This is a diary about how I learned to control my weight, achieved my 155 pound optimum weight, and most important, how I am able to maintain that weight without deprivation diets, fad diets, unhealthy diets, surgery or pills. I tried Atkins, the Zone Diet, Somersizing and all the rest. Some worked and some didn't.

I was always waiting to reach my targeted weight so I could get off the regimen. Now I use FitDay to manage my food intake and being able to manage my daily menu did the trick for me. Not only has it proven effective, it has proven to be an enjoyable diet management tool that makes maintaining my optimum weight an enjoyable process rather than drudgery. At last I'm in control.

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