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February 5, 2011

Staying Fit

It is 2011! I cannot believe I have been posting for almost 5 years!

The good news is that I have stuck with the calorie restriction plan (I no longer consider it a diet) for five years. The great news is that it has worked as expected. And, frankly, it has not been all that hard to stick with it for five years.

I continue to hold my ideal weight and am easily in control. If I over-indulge on vacation or celebrating it is easy to adjust and regain (re-lose?) the weight added by enjoying something special or having a good time on vacation. Knowing the control I have translates to having no guilt or self-incrimination when I do choose to add those niceties we tend to indulge in on vacation or at a party. It is my choice. It is done with the foresight that I will take prompt steps to trim off the extra pounds.

I no longer need to count calories specifically as I have learned what meals represent and how portion sizes really do matter. It is also interesting to know the second half of an extra large piece of cake is not nearly as good as the first half! Knowing that, it is easier to just have half the piece and be content.

I see no reason to post again until 2012. Have a great year and stay fit.


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