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April 3, 2010

Surviving Adding Vacation Pounds

I have just returned from Key West and five days of enjoying good friends, eating at fun places, and enjoying a beverage or three. Definitely not the environment for maintaining weight objectives or the time to worry about doing so!

That said, upon returning to reality I am spot on having not gained an ounce.

Did I sample Key Lime pie? I did.

Did I drink a few more medicinal cocktails than normal? I did that too!

Did I eat poorly given the rich options at every establishment we frequented? No.

It is easy to accept the potatoes and bread that come with fresh seafood entrees. It is just as easy to ask for "something green". The broccoli was excellent as were the snap beans. And when there is a really great grouper on the menu.....I just asked for it over a bed of mixed greens with a balsamic dressing.

As I have learned, the key is average calories consumed. Knowing I was increasing my diet by a few drinks it was easy to trim off a few calories in other areas. Also, we were active every day walking and sightseeing, so that also helped to burn the few extra calories I enjoyed with the shared slices of Key Lime pie.

In all, I had a great vacation, enjoyed myself, ate and drank in keeping with the setting, and returned without the need to shed a few 'vacation pounds'. I remain convinced that weight control is a matter of knowing the source of calories (what each item represents) and maintaining a daily average commensurate with your age and lifestyle. It is discipline; not deprivation.

PS Both of my friends, who had managed over the years to pack on their fair share of extra weight, pulled me aside and said that they were very proud of the way I had managed to stay trim, young and energetic. They bemoaned the fact that they had let themselves go to the extent that they were having trouble keeping up, needed frequent rests, and generally did not feel good. They also now have physical issues to deal with that are related to the extra poundage.

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