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February 16, 2010

2010 Update - Calorie Restricted Way of Life

I guess the best thing I could post would be a boring post. And that is what I am doing.

The holidays have come and gone. Thanks to my calorie restricted lifestyle (no longer a diet), I came through with no change in weight and even enjoyed several days of holiday festing.

So all I have to report is that after over four years I dropped to and have maintianed my targeted weight by restircting my caloric intake and exercising regularly. Rather than falling for the subliminal enticements of TV ads foisting bigger, better, super-sized meals on me I maintained a steady average daily calorie intake and, as a result, my weight help firmly on the mark.

Do I eat bad foods? Yes, on occassion. But I have learned how to compensate for them. More often, I choose not to eat empy calorie foods and enjoy normal meals (staying away from the processed foods that simpy add inches to our waists).

How do I feel after four years? Healthier, happer and free. Free at last from the drudgery of always having to watch my weight. And, yes, I am faster on the tennis court and enjoying the game much more!

If you are over weight I encourage you to consider a very simple solution. Getting good exercise regularly and reducing your calorie intake. It is a simple approach and easy to maintain once you have learned the caloric values of the foods you like to eat.

I can have a robust salmon or shrimp stir fry for about 350 calories or a fastfood burger for 1,200 calories (before the beverage and fries!). Which do you think is more satisfyiing?!

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