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October 12, 2008

Facing the Holidays Without Regret

It has now been 32 months since I reached my targeted weight. For once I am looking forward to enjoying the Holidays without concern my weight might sneak out of control. For two years I have weathered that storm by maintaining a focus on daily caloric consumption. It worked so well that this year I am confident I will naturally do the same without the angst.

A by-product is that I am exercising more and regularly not because I have to but because I am now enjoying it more. More stamina, more strength, more speed and more agility now mean that strenous activity is a pleasure and reward.

As the New Year approaches I encourage those of you who will make the typical promise to lose weight to do more than that. Change how you manage your body and your food-based decisions.

2009 can become a healthier, happier year for you. All you need to do is take control.

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