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April 19, 2008

Chia Seeds - An Easy Compliment to Healthy Eating

I am happy to share that as of this date I continue to enjoy a steady weight, my goal weight, that has been steady now for two years and counting. The key to maintaining my weight is simple. Calorie restriction at 1,500 calories per day and a healthy attitude about the foods I consume at and between meals.

1,500 calories is fairly easy calorie level to maintain once you learn which foods are filled with empty calories. White bread, starches and the like simply provide the wrong fuel for our bodies. Vegetables, fruits and protien, on the otherhand, fuel the body without overloading it with sugars and carbs.

I am always playing with menus and new foods to see what I can add for enjoyment or to refine what I am doing. The latest item in this personal quest is chia seeds. This is an excellent food easily added to salads, omlettes or anything. Tasteless, it acts like a thickener or simply disappears.Chia seeds are touted to give you energy, mental clarity, help you sleep better, and maintain proper sugar levels in the body (and much more according to other posts on this site and the Internet).

I am always willing to give something a try and have found Chia seeds to be easy to add to my routine and, so far, it seems beneficial. What I have noticed most is my tennis game. When others are wheezing and sitting down and I ready for the next set. This is part being at a good weight, reasonably fit and possibly part chia seeds!

Travel much? Take your chia seeds with you pre-portioned. Last week I was at a Courtyard and went to the buffet for breakfast. I could have had the buffet and been tempted to sample too much of everything. Instead they had a cook-to-order omelette station. I ordered a cheeseless veggie version and, as the chef placed the veggies in the pan I asked him to sprinkle my pre-packaged chia seeds onto the vegetables. He smiled weakly but did as asked. The omolette was fabulous. The chia seeds had added volume to the eggs and it was a great presentation; almost as good as how it tasted!

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