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July 20, 2007

Goodbye Weight Monkey

It has been one year since I achieved my targeted weight. The toughest part of any diet is to make all the hard work stay off! After a year I can say that not only has the weight stayed off, it has remained within a 2 opound variance for the entire year. Whether up or down, I have been able to tweak the caloric intake to maintain longterm stability.

Most important is that for the last three months I have hardly thought about what I was doing. I now intuitively make food selections (items and portions) that keep the total daily intake at my desired level. This approach to calories rather than foods has made my maintenance routine very flexible. Whether it is alcohol or cake, fish or fowl, whatever I decide to eat, I can easily counter balance it at the next meal or two to keep the total calories in check; or, as sometimes has been the case, up to necessary maintenance levels.

After a year I am celebrating my new found freedom. Freedom from the guilt of over eating, from falling off the proverbial wagon, from letting myself down. I am looking forward to the next year enthused that I no longer have the 'weight monkey' on my back!

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