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June 17, 2007

Be bold. Have it your way!

It is hard to come up with comments for this blog. Another month and another sense of victory; AKA control. I have held my targeted weight without any significant sense of personal deprivation. It is not because I am indulging in cakes, cookies, ice cream, pizza and the like. It is because I have altered my diet and learned to eat foods that promote weight maintenance rather than weight gain. I no longer want those other foods in abundance. I am content with moderate splurging from time to time.

To attain this mental has required a concerted effort as today we have to ignore the commercials for super-sized bargains and carb or sugar rich promotions. The media is bombarding us with enticements to gain weight. Everywhere we go we are exposed, sometimes subliminally, to marketing that is designed to attract us to some of the worse foods we can ingest.

Our will power needs to be focused on these ads and the false claims of healthy foods. Usually they are not all that good for you. Read the labels and see what they have added to make them addictive to your palate. Either it is chemicals to preserve it, sugars to sweeten it, or salt to make you want more of it.

Once you learn the impact of your food choices, eating wisely is easier to do, at home. But when you are on the run, finding a place where you can make good choices is difficult. That is why I am really glad I am living in the 21st Century when a man can be a man and still have a salad!

We are also living in an era when we get it our way. Most restaurants will let you mix and match so you can build you own meal. Be bold. Have it your way!

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