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May 22, 2007

Missing the Vacation Bulge

Here I am again. It has been another 90 days and I am pleased to report that my weight has remained stuck at my targeted weight. That includes a nine day trip to deliver a friend's boat up the Sea of Cortez. That trip had a mandatory menu of beer, gin and great food to help pass the time. That said, managing the total calorie input resulted in my stepping off the boat without the normal post-vacation bulge!

The interesting thing is that neither of my friends had a clue that I was watching my weight. It was transparent to them; a good thing as it spared me the obligatory ridicule of men at play.

I just chose not to eat certain things and consumed less of others. It did help that the crew, that was us by the way, prepared really great salads to go with the steak, fish, crab and shrimp entrees.

The one thing I noticed is that I drank a lot less alcohol than they did. I found I would stretch my drinks out by adding ice or shifting to water (it was pleasantly warm in Baja and water was a real treat). Now that I know the calorie count of each ounce of gin or bottle of beer, I am more apt to be moderate in my drinking habits. That is a small price to pay for a waist size that is literally seven inches smaller than my friend's and a body that is much healthier!

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