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January 11, 2007

One Year and Counting

Looking back it does not seem to be possible that I started this fitness campaign 18 months ago, achieved my target weight in six months, and have been able to maintain that target for the last 12 months.

The key, to me, was not just being able to lose the weight. It was if it would remain at bay without seriously hampering my lifestyle.

I admit I like to have a drink or two. I also enjoy the periodic morning muffin with a cup of coffee or snack of chips and dip. I also like a large portion of red meat from time to time. The key to FitDay or any other calorie-awareness program is that these divergencies need to be just that; divergencies. When they become the norm is when the pounds creep back.

I also found my ideal caloric intake level. It was not what the 'standard' guides recommend but about 25% less. My metabolism is such that I tend to add on pounds even when eating 'normally'. So I had to work a bit to find what level of calories kept me in balance. Also FitDay enabled me to go back and check to see how nutritious my daily diet was. At 1,500 calories I was balancing my weight well but short on some nutrition. I corrected that by adding a green drink daily,--either a powder drink or by juicing vegetables. The drink along with my daily vitamins filled in the nutritional gaps.

This approach has worked dramatically for me. I hope everyone else finds one that works for them. If I am forced to live an extended life, I intend to do so actively! Controlling my weight was necessary to enable me to stay active, and hopefully healthy for decades to come.

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