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June 29, 2006

180 Days and Still Maintaining!

After 180 days ( six months!) I am still easily holding at 155 with a half pound average variance day-to-day. Maintaining my weight is a matter of awareness and gentle tweaking (UP as well as down).

More and more people are noticing the weight I have lost. This is good reinforcement for my continuing the changes I have made to how and what I am eating. It is secondary to how I feel. I am more energetic, more active and have a more positive attitude. Rather than dreading the next two decades (sixties and seventies) I am actually looking forward to enjoying them. I am finding that tennis need not be a young man's sport!

Everyone has to find their own way.

For me, it was grasping the knowledge of what my dietary choices were doing to me. The 20 ounce steaks and large baked potatoes were great but today an 8 ounce portion with veggies and a salad is just as satisfying. I just chew slower!

After 20 minutes your stomach registers that it has had its fill. I have learned to finish my meal then wait for twenty minutes. Any lingering hunger drops off then almost regardless how much I have eaten. We do tend to eat until we feel full without realizing that we have overeaten. Our fast-paced dining habits may well be one of the causes of our obesity problems.

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